When I  founded emanate life coaching , couple of years ago, I wanted to reflect the philosophy I adopt as a life coach: Emerging into life from our own inner self (the source), from the inside out, and being authentic to the essence of who we are.

emanate, reflects the partnership between my name (Eman), and the meaning of the word which is to emerge from a source (emanate). This partnership is reflected in my relationship with my clients to help and support them to connect to their inner self and emerge into their lives from their own source which is their best self with full potentials .

The result of this emergence is fulfilling to my clients as they will live the life they want with satisfaction and content. It also thrills me to live my life purpose by contributing to the world through facilitating positive change and transformation in each and every person or group I help; I work on developing abilities, character and towards meaningful goals, which in return makes the world a better place. 

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