What is Adler ?




At ADLER we see coaching as a  profession that distinguishes itself  by helping people discover how to  bring their choices and actions  more in line with their unique “best  self”, and to connect more  creatively with the deep human  desire to make a contribution to  the 

betterment of humanity. 

   Our Hope and intention is to train  coaches who also see their work as  a creative response to this  challenge. Learning about coaching include

 learning about science, art  and heart. 

 We recognize the need for coaches  to acquire concrete skills, tools,  techniques and processes (science),  and an ability to use of this 

”artfully” in the service of their  clients. 

We also recognize the need  for coaches to bring heart to their 

coaching work. Hence, the personal  growth and development of a  coach   is an integral part of the  learning journey. 

Learning has to extend beyond the  classroom and beyond the 


Participants are provided with  tools, structures and  encouragement  to extend their  learning beyond the classroom, and  beyond the duration of the  program.  From the outset of the program,  participants are expected to coach  and be coached, bringing their own  real life issues to the learning  process.

 In addition to learning how  to coach, participants engage in a           parallel personal learning journey.  ADLER’s program consists of in   class  modules, where participants  engage in hands on application of  coaching, supported by tele classes and online workshops. 

We feel that  nothing can replace personal  contact as an aid to learning and for  the adult learner experiential,  application of 

knowledge is critical. 


 ADLER's  Coaching ?

Adler’s approach to coaching is fundamentally about facilitating positive change and Transformation.

The ICF defines coaching as  partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that  inspires them to maximize their  personal and professional  potential, which is particularly  important in today’s uncertain and  complex environment.  

 Coaches honor the client as the  expert in their own life and work,and believe every client is creative,  resourceful and whole. 



Put the mirror for you to see your best self

¨ Discover, clarify, and

   Align with  the client wants to

  Achieve .

 ¨ Encourage client's self‐discovery

¨ Elicit client‐generated solutions and strategies 

¨ Hold the client responsible and  accountable

   Support  and empower client


 what’s in it for clients ?

what will you get out of working with a coach? 

·     Goals Clarity

·     Discovery of strengths

·     Fresh perspectives on personal challenges

·     Enhanced decision-making skills

·     Greater interpersonal effectiveness

·     Increased confidence

·     Improved productivity

·     Satisfaction with life and work

·     Attainment of relevant Goals.