“ Coaching is a sacred space of unconditional love, where Learning, Growth and transformation naturally occur.” Fran Fisher

This sacred space of life coaching is guided by a life coach(in this case me) who will :

  • Take you to your inner self discovery.

  • Put the mirror for you , from your inside out…

  • Hold the torch for you to show you your choices. 

  • support you to reach satisfaction and fulfillment.

How do I do that? ... you ask!!!

Adler Coaching Method  

Adler Coaching Method  

 Raise Your SELF AWARENESS,  from your inside out…, to get in touch with your strengths, innate abilities and best self.

Expand your CHOICES, Hold the torch for you to see your paths, options and possibilities.

  Support developing your SELF TRUST and confidence, seeing you as Creative, Resourceful and whole, holding you as responsible and accountable.


In this sacred space, life coach Eman will facilitate the above through:

  • Effective Coaching CONVERSATION
  • Building a Coaching RELATIONSHIP based on trust and intimacy.
  •  A PROCESS that starts from the essence of who you are and what you want to achieve, taking you from your present to your Desired Future.

Achieve DESIRED FUTURE as you will:·     

  •  Deepen your LEARNING about your self essence , strengths, abilities , values and beliefs ... your life.

  • Improve your PERFORMANCE as you act from the confidence of knowing your best self and mindfulness.

  • Increase your Life FULFILLMENT, as you live up to your abilities ,live your values and towards your life purpose, reaching satisfaction.

“The results are a matter of client’s intentions , choices and actions, supported by the Coach’s efforts and application of the coaching process.”

from ICF definition of professional coaching which I’m fully aligned with.