Before We Start, a heart to heart , heart to mind talk:

I am excited to start working with you, to know you more, and to partner together into our journey of your self discovery. But before we do that I would like to introduce my Unique Personal Values (UPV) as a Life Coach: 

  • Appreciating individuals' uniqueness.
  • Connecting at a deep warm level, able to see and feel your innate strengths and life purpose.
  • A change advocate: a believer in transformation, change, shift, and that there is always room to grow.
  • Connecting the dots:  I can see the patterns and can identify adjustments to increase effectiveness. 
  • Ability to take you from your present to your future, while accepting the past. 

I see Life Coaching as a partnership process where you are seen as:

  • Creative, Resourceful and Whole, not broken, willing to move on, while accepting your past, to your present and future  .
  • Ready to transform and move from where you are presently, to a better place. 
  • The leader of your life

On our journey through the COACHING PROCESS we will be working together on your self discovery and awareness of your own power and strengths and will use that to conquer your challenges. This will optimize your self fulfilment when you reach your best self. 
This will be happening OVER TIME, where you will be the one doing the hard work and heavy lifting to grow, change, and transform up to YOUR OWN ABILITIES AND WILLINGNESS.

In this process and through our coaching conversation and relationship , there is no right and wrong, as long as its from and about your true authentic self.
You will be leading what’s on your agenda (where do you want to go and achieve) and I will be guiding the process, to keep our conversation constructive, fruitful and on track so as to meet your desired outcome and satisfaction.
To achieve this, I will make sure to establish our relationship based on trust, respect, and confidentiality. 

On that road we will be using POWERFUL TOOLS:

I will invite and push you to:

  • Have a goal, topic, issue and/or concern for the session
  • Decide on a desired outcome that we align on
  • Measure it (where are you now , where do you want to be?)

I will motivate you to:

  • Explore and dig deep into your relationship with the issue at hand
  • Plan and set goals to reach an action plan
  • Ensure reaching your self awareness, learning and fulfilment 
  • Achieve goals.
  • Display confidence and self assurance.
  • Experience an excellent quality of life, feel content.
  • Be more energetic and well rested.
  • Be less worried, stressed and angry.

Now....being the leader of your life...

  • Where would you like to take your life?
  • How would you like to harvest the benefits of coaching?
  • What does it take for you to start?

Are you ready to start? Contact me for any questions or if there is anything you want me to know about you before we start.