It's very important to ask yourself the right questions............

 Who are you?

  • What is the essence of your true self?

  • What are your strengths? 

         Owning and appreciating your strengths , leads  to respecting and living your values.

  • What are your values?

          What are you passionate about?

          What do you need to have in your life to feel fully alive?

          What makes you happy? 

          What makes you angry?

         "Our quality of life is directly relayed to the extent we honour our values."
         Fran Fisher 
  • What are your beliefs?

          What beliefs about your own self?

          Are  they empowering or limiting you? 

  • What are your innate strengths and gifts?

           It takes our strengths to honour our values .

  • What is your purpose?
       "Purpose defines the energy with which we can commit to something , but not the outcome."
         Dawna Markova 

         How can you contribute to life?

        What would make your life more meaningful and aligned with who you are?

        What are the habits and patterns that you need to have to keep you on your path to your purpose? 

   What is your quality of being ?

Being is our true nature, our core, our inner self. Being is the essence at the deepest level of our character, supporting all action and achievement, understanding and unfolding our inner self. Our being maybe unfamiliar territory to many people, however practices for gaining familiarities with being can be learnt
Kevin Cashman