Who Needs Life Coaching ?

 “We all have islands of fear inside us, but we also all have continents of wisdom and truth. How do we find our way to them, when we are not educated in the interior dimension? These inner landscapes holds the patterns of our passion and purpose. Without knowing how to journey there, our lives remain unlived.” - Dawna Markova

If you are...

  •   CREATIVE, created your life and able to add more to your life
  •   RESOURCEFUL, capable of figuring out how to make the change
  •   WHOLE, not broken
  •    SUCCESSFUL, or want to be
  •  Need to change , maybe transform
  •  Stuck ?? But ready and want  to move forward

-       WANT TO BE MORE, or in a better place


Life coaching is the journey to our interior dimension, to get in touch with our purpose and journey into our soul so that our lives do not remain un-lived. 

It's  the journey that we’ll partner through , in an environment of mutual trust and respect, where you are the creator and the author of your life

“The goal of coaching is not fixing what is broken, but in discovering new talents and new ways to use old talents that lead to far greater effectiveness.” Goldsmith